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"I needed a mountain to rest my eyes against."                                                                           -Ernest Smith, father of author Lee Smith   I am not a good car rider. As in the Harry Potter books, I often wish for a port key, some inanimate object I could grab onto and be transported to where I want to be. Since that is not an option, I am thankful to Google Maps and Subaru for getting us there and back again. Since my last post, Steve and I have been over many rivers and through many woods, up and down many mountains by automobile and on foot. The jury is still out about whether I prefer it be my turn to drive or white-knuckling it in the passenger seat when Google Maps sends us straight down a winding mountain gravel road for miles and miles; however, in the end, I'm not convinced that navigating narrow mountain roads was any more treacherous than leaving North Carolina on a bumper to bumper I-40 in blinding rain and fog. We are ba

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